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2 in 1 Electric Shock Gag Pen (Black)
Looks like a fancy ball point pen that will give your friends a shocking experience when they try..
Balance Balls Set Sz M
Material: ABS plastic, fishing line and metal Can swing for about 20 seconds Made based on the..
Bloody Nail Through Finger Joke Gag Gift & Prank Trick (White)
Prank magic trick nail through finger that fools most people. The nail is bent around your finger b..
Funny Mini Self-Inflating Whoopee Cushion (Green)
Made of durable material that can be used over and over Once someone sits on it, the air in the ..
Squirting Pen with Magic Ink Joke Trick (Black)
Squirting pen with magic ink. The ink will fade after some time. Play joke with your friends wit..
Super Bright Concert Bar Party Festival Crystal Glow Sticks Light Sticks Set
Super bright, compact and funny. Made of plastic. Give out super bright light to celebrate. Cre..
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